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LGBTQ+ Allyship & Inclusion

Workshop Leader: Loki Lin

In this workshop, participants will learn ways to support LGBTQ+ peers in physics. We will first develop a basic vocabulary for discussing LGBTQ+ identities, then move on to a discussion of specific issues that may affect LGBTQ+ students and physicists. We will discuss some best practices for mitigating these issues and promoting LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Mental health

Workshop Leader: Andrea Welsh

Science communication

Workshop Leader: Frances Kraus

When people say “science is hard,” they might feel like they can’t understand it — that it’s all over their head. I disagree! I think most everyone is smart enough to “get” the way the world works. Usually, they’re just missing definitions (scientists’ shorthand is a lot to learn) and confidence that their intuition is enough for the task (it is!). In this interactive workshop on science communication, we’ll talk about relating to your audience, breaking down topics to build them back up, the fallacy of the well-read baby, and how to get scientists to come around. The more you remember knowing nothing, the better!

APS Communication and Negotiation Skills Seminar

Workshop Leader: Roxanne Hughes

The seminar will focus on professional skills that women need to effectively perform research and thrive in physics, including how to:

  • Negotiate a graduate, postdoc, or professional position in academia, industry, or at a national lab
  • Interact positively on teams and with a mentor or advisor
  • Think tactically
  • Enhance personal presence
  • Develop alliances
  • Achieve professional goals

More information is available on the APS website.

advocacy to bring about cultural change

Workshop Leader: Callie Pruett

What does it mean to be an advocate? Advocacy today is bigger than form emails, stuffy suits traipsing down the halls of Congress, and the same tired song and dance with legislative offices. Advocacy is showing up as your authentic self, engaging leaders with energy and passion, and building strong coalitions that can go the distance. How can you be seen, heard, and taken seriously without losing your internal compass or cutting out parts of what makes you who you are? From advocating for yourself to advocating for issues, we’ll explore the fundamental principles of advocacy that we can incorporate into our own lives. In this session, we will dive into the power of storytelling, tapping into your authentic self, and how to establish yourself as a leader in your community.

Getting involved in undergraduate research

Hear from a panel including current undergraduates and graduate students, undergraduate research directors, representatives from DOE’s Summer Undergraduate Laboratory Internship, and more.

Applying to graduate school

Owning your graduate school experience: Building your success toolkit from application to graduation

Via this workshop participants will gather tools to help them navigate aspects of exploring, applying, and selecting graduate programs. More importantly, it will help participants build their own toolkit for effective communication, self-advocacy, and leadership development. This presentation will offer the perspective of an Academic Diversity Officer, scientist and mentor.

First-Generation and low income students in physics

Check back later for details