Q: Do I need to be a physics major to apply?
A: Due to limited resources, we are not able to accept all applicants. Priority will be given to those who are (1) undergraduate physics majors, (2) have never attended APS CUWiP, and (3) are applying to attend the conference that is geographically closest to their location.

Q: If I attended last year, can I still attend this year’s conference?
A: Yes, you can! The conference for this year will be slightly different from last year, so we encourage you to apply for a second year. However, priority will be given to students who have not attended a CUWiP conference in the past.

Q: Is this only for women?
A: No! While the focus of the conference is women in physics and women will be given priority in the application process, we encourage all genders to apply if they are interested, including transgender and non-binary people. It is important to have all genders included in the conversations of under-represented genders in physics. If you identify as male, we are considering opening our workshop, “how to be a male ally,” to non-CUWiP participants.

Q: What if I cannot afford the registration fee?
A: Students who cannot afford the registration fee can contact the APS at the time of registration to make an appeal to have the registration fee refunded.

Q: Are “application” and “registration” the same thing?
A: No. You apply to attend a CUWiP conference (the one closest to you), and you are accepted, wait-listed or declined according to the priorities listed above. Application is free, and the deadline is October 14, 2016. After you have been accepted, you then register with the conference to which you have been accepted (you may be assigned to a different conference depending on the number of applications) to confirm that you will actually be attending. At this time you must pay a registration fee of $45, which helps offset some of the cost of the conference, including lodging and meals.

Q:How much does the conference cost?
A:Students who are accepted to attend the conference must pay a registration fee of $45, which helps offset some of the cost of the conference, including all lodging and meals. If you cannot afford the registration fee and your department/college is unable to help, you may request a fee waiver if you are accepted to attend (but before you register) by submitting a statement to women@aps.org attesting to your financial need and verifying that department or university funds are not available. Further details will be provided when you are invited to register for the conference.

Lodging (for non-local students) and food will be covered by the conference.
We expect that your travel expenses will be covered by your home department or college. However, if your home institution is not able to cover these expenses, travel funding is available.

Q: Can I attend the Princeton University CUWiP even though it is not my closest location/I am considering Princeton University for grad school and would like to visit the school?
A: Because of the high demand of students and travel costs of those who are not in our region, we will only be able to accept students that are in the region. This conference is not intended to be a graduate school visit.

Q: I’m a student from Canada. Can I apply to a U.S. site?
A: Students from Canada are encouraged to apply to the McMaster University site in Canada. Students from Canada may apply to closer U.S. sites if desired. However Canadian students accepted to U.S. sites are not eligible for reimbursement of travel expenses from the conference or for waiver of the registration fee.

Q: I am a Princeton University student. Do I need to apply and register?
A: Yes, all attendees must go through the same application and registration process and observe all the deadlines.


Q: How are meals and lodging handled for the conference?
A: You do not need to reserve your own accommodation. The host committee plans and reserves rooms for all the attendees. All meals during the conference, including lunches on Saturday and Sunday and dinner on Friday and Saturday, will be provided. Please contact us at cuwip@princeton.edu if you believe your dietary needs are unusual and we will work to accommodate you. The only plans you need to make are your individual travel plans to and from Princeton University.

Q: Where do I stay during the conference?
A: Students will be accommodated at the Nassau Inn. Please visit our Travel & Accommodation page for more information. Do not make your own reservations. You will be assigned a roommate. Depending on the number of participants, some may be assigned a rollaway bed. Please contact cuwip@princeton.edu with any concerns related to accommodation, not the hotel.

Q: I am concerned about covering the cost of traveling to Princeton University. Will there be any sort of reimbursement issued?
A: First, we expect all attendees to ask their department head or academic advisor to cover the cost of travel to the conference. However, if your home institution cannot cover the cost, additional funding is available to help with these costs. Please save all receipts showing the cost of travel (including air/train fare and local transportation). You are required to get prior approval before incurring major costs such as airline or train tickets. If you have concerns about reimbursement, please contact cuwip@princeton.edu.

Q: How do I know the amount my department will contribute?
A: You need to talk to your department chair, manager, or director of undergraduate studies before registering. Contact us if you would like guidance in asking your department for travel funds.

Q: Do I need to book my travel before registering?
No, but you should have an estimate of the cost. If you are traveling by air and your travel cost is not covered by your department, your airfare must be approved by the conference organizers before you book your travel. Due to the limited nature of our travel funds, we ask that you find the most economical means of transportation to and from the conference.

Q: I am driving to campus. Where do I park? How much does it cost?
A: If you are driving to the conference, you may park in the garage on Hullfish St. if you are staying at the Nassau Inn. Please keep your parking receipts. If you are commuting to the conference from off campus, you may park in Princeton University lot 21.

Q: How do I get from the hotel to Jadwin Hall?
A: The Nassau Inn is a 15-minute walk from Jadwin Hall. For those requiring assistance, please contact cuwip@princeton.edu.

Q: How do I get to and from the airport?
A: Please see our travel information.

Q: How and when do I get reimbursed?
A: After the conference, you can submit the reimbursement form that will be provided to you. Reimbursement will be mailed to you within 6 weeks of submission. For more details, please email cuwip@princeton.edu.


Q: What is the expected attire for the conference?
A: The dress attire for this conference including reception and dinner is business casual. Check the APS CUWiP site for photos of previous conferences to see what others typically wear. Please check the weather as you pack. It sometimes snows in Princeton in January. Keep in mind that the hotel is about a 15-minute walk, so plan on wearing comfortable shoes! (Please contact us if you need assistance traveling between the hotel and conference venue.)

Q: Are all conference attendees required to present a poster?
A: No, it is entirely up to the individual student! If you would like to, please indicate that during your registration process.

Q: Can I come late? Can I leave early? Can I skip things that I’m not interested in?
A: Because your conference expenses have been paid for you and your travel costs are reimbursable, it is expected that you will attend all of the official events as scheduled. If you have special circumstances, please contact us to discuss them.

Q: Can I connect with those going to the conference before arriving in Princeton?
A: Yes! We have set up a Facebook page.

Q: I have a disability/special needs/food allergies. What should I do?
A: Please make sure to contact us at cuwip@princeton.edu so we can accommodate you as best as we can. There is a place on the registration form for you to include any special accommodation you may need, but if you have not included it, please let us know as soon as possible.

Q: I’m a parent of a young child(ren). Are there any resources for childcare, nursing moms, etc.?
A: Please contact cuwip@princeton.edu to discuss your needs, and we will do our best to accommodate. Please also see our resources page.

Q: I have anxiety, depression, etc, and I am worried about attending this conference. What should I do?
A: Please contact us if you are uncomfortable so we are aware: cuwip@princeton.edu. We will encourage you to try your best during the networking opportunities, but if you need to be paired up with someone you know (either in rooming or meals), please let us know so we can try to accommodate you. We hope that you will be able to comfortably attend the conference and get something from it, but we understand that everyone needs to go at their own pace.