CUWiP+ Workshops

The following CUWiP+ workshops are from 2017. Check back later to see the 2023 CUWiP+ workshops!


Intensive science workshops on cool physics topics

Each CUWiP+ workshop will be a 1-day event (Sunday pm and Monday am) at the conclusion of the regular program for up to 25 of the 200 participants that will be signed up on a first-come, first served basis when they register for the conference. Registration and more CUWiP+ workshops coming soon!!

CUWiP+ Plasma Physics

CUWiP+ Plasma Physics will include introductory lectures on plasma physics and fusion, a tour of PPPL and a half-day hands-on experiment wherein students will construct a simple plasma apparatus and perform introductory laboratories. The instructor for this highly interactive and fun workshop will be Dr. Arturo Dominguez, also known as “Donut Dude” because of this PhD Comics Video.

CUWiP+ Physics On All Scales

In this workshop, students will personally observe stars that are more than 1018 meters away and will also learn how to take images of nanoscale structures on the order of 10-8 meters in size. On Sunday afternoon, students will learn about radio astronomy and then travel to an 18-meter diameter refurbished radio antenna, one of the strongest, privately owned antennae in the world, for a hands-on demonstration. In contrast, on Monday morning students will learn about observing physics at its smallest scales using scanning electron microscopy at the Princeton University Imaging and Analysis Center.